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HG7000 powder vacuum packing machine

This machine is suitable for packaging powder material, suitable for packaging active calcium carbonate, talc, magnesium hydroxide, bentonite, kaolin, wollastonite, carbon black, silica, and other minerals or chemical powder valve pocket packaging. To effectively solve the problem of large size of micro powder packaging, according to the production environment and material characteristics and equipment use needs, to provide solutions for users. 

Performance advantage

1. According to production needs, the target weight of packaging, slow feeding value, packaging speed and pallet height can be adjusted.
2. The packaging machine adopts the vacuum mode to transport powder, which realizes the rapid packaging of powder materials, greatly reduces the packaging volume, and saves the packaging cost. The bags after packaging are neat and beautiful.
3. Fast packaging, saving time and manpower, greatly reducing the cost of the enterprise. The improvement of packaging capacity plays an important role in reducing packaging cost when users carry out mass production.
4. Wear resistance. Packaging minerals and other high hardness powder, usually due to parts wear and maintenance. But the vacuum technology has less wear and tear, which effectively reduces the replacement frequency of parts.
5. Air flow assisted feeding mechanism solves the problems of poor fluidity of powder, blockage of pipelines and other packaging problems.
6. Intelligence. The automatic control method developed by our factory is adopted and PLC is selected for program control. The target value of package weight, the value of slow feeding and the setting of various parameters such as speed can be set on the touch screen. To be able to successfully package different materials.
7. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. With one-click start, only one person can complete the process of bag insertion, bag clamping, high and low speed filling and bag loosening. High reliability and long service life. All parts of the packaging machine are of high quality parts, the key parts are imported components. Using high reliability equipment is the necessary factor to reduce the running cost of enterprises.