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Ruifeng seven-star sales services

To sum up the experiences of many years of production practice and on-site customer feedback, the company established a complete set of effective service system, has an experienced service team, not only provide all kinds of targeted powder production and technical guidance, but also send professional and technical personnel for installation and debugging equipment and site operation guide.

Before sales, help customers to plan the site free of charge, equipment selection, make full use of customer site, and effectively select equipment for customer products; Design installation basic drawing and flow chart free of charge, guide the preparatory work of production workshop; Free engineers to the customer site for process and program design, more targeted, timely.

In the sale, a complete quality management system, strict pre-factory inspection products; Strictly arrange shipping related matters, and provide free logistics information, real-time tracking; Free basic equipment production guidance; Provide equipment installation and debugging guidance for free, and try to make the equipment run normally within a short time; Provide free professional technical training and equipment maintenance training.

After sales, 7x24 hours real-time service, to ensure that in a short period of time to solve the problems found in the customer site; Targeted to provide various powder production and technical guidance.