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HG1000R powder packaging machine

This model applied to packaging materials, suitable for packing of heavy calcium carbonate, ordinary light calcium, light calcium, talc, magnesium oxide, alumina, iron oxide, magnesium hydroxide, bentonite, kaolin, wollastonite, lithopone, mica powder, white powder, aluminum powder, carbon black, silica and desulphurizing powder mineral or chemical powder valve bag packaging. Effectively solve weighing, sealing, high dust, high labor intensity and other problems.

Performance advantage

1. The packaging weight is accurate, the technology developed by ruifeng powder is adopted, and the error can be controlled within 50g.
2, the packaging machine adopts a hollow variable Angle structure impeller high-speed conveying powder material, to achieve fast packaging of powder material, with excellent exhaust effect
3, the packaging speed is fast, save time, save labor, greatly reduce the operating cost of the enterprise. In mass production, the improvement of packaging capacity plays an important role in reducing packaging cost. For example, each 25kg/bag of calcite powder can be packed in 5-6 seconds.
4. Wear resistance. Packaging minerals and other high hardness powder, usually due to parts wear and maintenance. However, the impeller type packaging machine USES parts with high wear resistance, which effectively reduces the replacement frequency of parts.
5, air flow assisted feeding mechanism to solve the problem of poor fluidity of powder and affect the packaging.
6. Intelligent. The automatic control method developed by our factory is adopted, and imported PLC is selected for program control. The package weight target value, speed and other parameters can be set on the meter. To be able to successfully package different materials.
7, easy to operate, set shortcut keys, only take a few minutes to learn to operate, configure a key to start, packaging operations only one person can complete the bag insertion, bag clamping, high and low speed filling, the end of the bag loosening process.
8, high controllability, long service life, all parts of the packaging machine are high quality and high reliability parts, the key parts are imported components. The use of highly reliable equipment can significantly reduce user costs.