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HG2000 powder packaging machine

Mature stable, which are specially used for packing superfine powder packaging equipment, based on the design features of the ultra micro powder, advance structure composed of spiral and impeller, packaging can be continuous high speed micro powder, can rapidly vent gas solid phase micro powder contained in the gas, has the very high filling efficiency, reduce the packaging volume, through program control the feeding speed of frequency conversion adjustment...

Performance advantage

1, fast and arbitrary set packaging weight, simple operation, a few minutes can be skilled operation (target value, precision measurement value, packaging speed)
2, screw prepressure dense exhaust and special shape impeller mechanism, to solve the problem of micro powder material packaging. The smaller size package can be adopted, which reduces the cost of the package and makes the package look neat and beautiful.
3. The variable frequency governor and the precision valve mechanism are combined to control the conveying speed with high precision and realize the filling method of accurate control of secondary level and flow rate. No matter the amount of material in the upper bin, it can be packed with high speed and accuracy.
4. Fast packaging, labor saving and cost reduction. The improvement of packaging capacity plays an important role in reducing packaging cost when enterprises carry out mass production. For example, d50=5um talcum powder 25kg/bag can be made in 20 seconds.
5. The thick and solid body structure ensures the high stability of measurement accuracy.
6. Airflow ejector technology solves the problem of poor fluidity of powder which affects packaging.
8. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. With one key to start, the whole packaging process can be completed by only one person. The process of bag clamping, high and low speed filling and bag loosening is completed automatically.