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RFLM series ultrafine vertical mill

RFLM series fine powder vertical grinding machine, ruifeng powder equipment co., LTD rely on many years of experience, and through in-depth study of Germany, Japan and other foreign powder processing technology, fully understand the needs of users, understand the industry pain point. With professional design concept, through in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign parts suppliers research and development, launched a number of powder grinding equipment, widely used in calcite, barite, talc and other large-scale fine powder processing field.

Technical parameters of different types of RFLM series ultrafine vertical mill
Technical parameters

/Vertical mill type
The host power (kw)132220250315450
The fan power(kw)90160185200315
Air compressor power(kw)2230373745
Rating of classifier(kw)15x415x515x615x71x10
Number of grading wheels456710

The working principle of

The main motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the material enters the vertical grinding host through the screw conveyor, falls to the center of the grinding disc under the action of gravity, and at the same time, the airflow generated by the fan enters the host through the air inlet. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves evenly from the center of the grinding disc to the edge. When the material passes the roller on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the bulk material is crushed directly, and the fine material is extruded to form the material layer for intergranular crushing. The crushed material continues to move towards the edge of the grinding disc until it is carried upward by the strong airflow guided by the tuyere ring on the periphery of the grinding disc. Fine material, with the air currents to rise into the host at the top of the hierarchical system of classification, screening in classification under the action of rotor blade, coarser material can not be passed, and again be blades to strike live inside the mill grinding, qualified fine powder with the air out of the grading system, through external pipe into the dust removal system, and then the filter will air separation and materials, after collection, is the finished product. In addition, the debris and large particles in the materials will be scraped into the slag discharge port by the scraper during grinding, so as to effectively ensure the quality of finished products. In addition, the pressure of the grinding roller can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic system, which can meet the material requirements of different hardness in a certain range. By adjusting the rotor speed of the multi-rotor grading system, the fineness of grading and screening can be adjusted.

Our performance advantage

1. Strong product diversity, RFLM series grinding host equipped with a new multi-rotor classifier, can produce finished products particle size range, 2 muon range of 30%~60%, D97=7~45 muon, specific surface area of 20000cm squared /g, and D97=7.0 muon products can be directly produced by the host.
2. Adopt reasonable design and matching, mechanical system has higher transmission efficiency, and adopt the United States honeywell or Germany Siemens energy efficient motors, and the efficient custom fan, the characteristic curve of fan design, according to the actual working condition of the vertical mill so RFLM series vertical mill lower energy consumption, long running will decrease the cost of the power of the enterprise.
3. The optimized and improved grinding wheel, grinding disc, diversion system and internal circulation system of the company have high grinding efficiency, and the output is 10~20% higher than the previous vertical grinding products.
4. The mill improved by our company can operate under low vibration with lower vibration and noise.
5. High reliability, classifier without often filling and maintenance, low failure rate, long-life roller system design, the service life of the bearing and oil seal, 20000 hours, the structure of the reducer adopts planet vertical mill is special reducer, reduction gear with German kling berg spiral bevel gear, the torque and performance is higher than the commonly used American gleason spiral bevel gear, gear materials using DIN standard steel, ensure a long service life. The small reducer adopts German SEW or Japanese sumitomo brand, the heavy duty roller part adopts American TIMKEN bearing, the high speed classifier part adopts Swedish SKF and German FAG bearing, to ensure the long-term stable operation of this part. The driving part of the motor adopts frequency converter products of yaskawa electric co., LTD。
6. Wear-resisting performance, rui FengLi grading grinding wheel using high wear-resisting material and heat treatment technology, has a long service life, grinding wheels, abrasive disk use high wear-resistant alloy wear-resistant parts, can be worn in barite and talc industry keep long life for a long time, for the user to save wear parts replacement costs, and reduce the downtime maintenance time.
7. Intelligent, PLC control, touch screen operation, the system can realize automatic operation of the roller mill production line, real-time display and save operating data, such as speed, temperature, pressure, differential pressure, and can according to the system pressure parameters, various points collected differential pressure parameters, current parameters such as the realization of automatic feeding operation, the operation of the automation make originally complex vertical mill operation easier. And can connect to the Internet, remote control, remote fault analysis and processing, data analysis.